What is WMI Provider Host: How to Fix High CPU Usage on Windows 10

WMI Provider Host: Fix High CPU Usage

WMI Provider Host or Windows Management Instrumentation Service is an essential part of Windows PC and is highly CPU consuming software. The WMI Provider Host is most commonly used by developers. The Windows Management Instrumentation Service (WMI) shares the Management Information with Management Applications. Sometimes it may create many problems like High CPU Usage even when PC is idle. This article covers all issues and How to Fix WMI Provider Host – wmiprvse.exe.

What is WMI Provider Host?

Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) is a set of Drivers and Extensions which provide monitoring information. The WMI is an important part of Windows Operating System and most of the applications on Windows depend upon WMI services. In case, if the WMI stops working then many other applications may not work.

Why WMI Provider Host use High CPU?

Usually, the WMI Provider Host runs on low CPU usage when PC is in idle condition. In case, if any application requests WMI for some information then WMI analyses the request and responds to the application. Sometimes the WMI Provider Host may behave abnormally and cause High Disk Usage or High CPU Usage. The WMI uses maximum CPU usage when you install a new application or save data. In order to fix High CPU Usage here are some fixes to fix the High CPU usage by WMI Provider Host.

  • Scan your PC for Virus and Malware
  • Restart WMI Provider Host Service

Scan your PC for Virus and Malware

Sometimes, Virus and Malware cause the WMI Provider Host to use CPU than normal. This is because the Virus which request WMI for information in large quantity which makes the WMI Provider Host Service use CPU at a high rate. Make sure to Delete or Repair Virus and Malware on your computer.

Restarting the WMI Provider Host Service

Restarting the WMI service fix the Window Management Instrumentation issues. Sometimes, the WMI Provider Host occupies too many resources such as CPU and Disk. Restarting the WMI service may fix the problem. To Restart the WMI service follow the steps below.

1. Press Window Key + R and search for services.msc

2. Then select Windows Management Instrumentation under the Services section

3. Right-click on Windows Management Instrumentation Service and Select Restart option.

4. After Restarting, Press Window Key + X and Select Command Prompt and run as Admin.

5. Now Type the commands given below.

1. net stop iphlpsvc
2. net stop wscsvc
3. net stop Winmgmt
4. net start Winmgmt
5. net start wscsvc
6. net start iphlpsvc

6. Close all the Windows and Restart your Computer for the changes to take effect.

Hopefully, we were able to help you fix WMI Provider Host High CPU in Windows 10 (High CPU Usage Issues). If you are still facing a problem while fixing the WMI and High CPU issue, feel free to comment your query below.

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