How to Stop Auto-Playing HTML5 Videos in your Web Browser

How to Stop Autoplaying HTML5 Videos

HTML5 Videos: Disabling automatic playback loads the video but pauses from playing the video. Your browser may automatically begin buffering, even if you haven’t loaded.

Google Chrome

It is possible to stop HTML5 videos on the web from auto-playing. In order to enable this feature, you’ll need to install “Stop YouTube HTML5 AutoPlay” Google Chrome Extension from the Chrome Web Store. This Chrome extension block scripts from auto-playing HTML5 videos as they’re dynamically loaded on web pages.

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox has a feature that allows you to control auto-playing HTML 5 videos on web pages. In order to enable this Firefox feature type “about:config” in the Firefox’s address bar and press Enter. Then, “Agree” to the warning and then type “autoplay” in the search box. Search for “media.autoplay.enabled” option which set to True. Just change that setting to False by double-clicking on the preference.

Learn How to Stop Autoplaying HTML 5 Videos on your Mozilla Firefox Browser HERE (OFFICIAL)

Apple Safari, Microsoft EDGE

Safari has no built-in preference, no browser extensions to control auto-playing HTML 5 videos on a web page. Both Apple and Microsoft browsers (Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari ) do not have a plugin, extension to stop HTML5 videos from auto-playing.

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