How to use Whatsapp Business, Tips to use Whatsapp for Business

Whatsapp Business

Facebook acquired company Whatsapp is the fastest growing messenger app. The Whatsapp has totally replaced the SMS service by providing many useful features than a normal messaging app. In addition to these popular features, Whatsapp launched Whatsapp Business. The Whatsapp Business service provides Businesses, Companies, Organizations to communicate in a better way with their clients. In case, if you have a Business, Company or an Organization and want to use Whatsapp Business to help your clients with a better service then here’s how to use Whatsapp Business, Tips to use Whatsapp Business.

How to use Whatsapp Business

Whatsapp Business provides a platform for Businesses, Companies, Organizations to interact better with their customers by providing updates, support. If you have a Business, Company or an Organization and want to use Whatsapp Business to help your clients with a better service then here’s how to use Whatsapp Business.

WhatsApp only allows one mobile number to be linked to one WhatsApp account. If your current number is already being used by WhatsApp, you cannot use it for a WhatsApp Business account. Whatsapp adds a Verified Badge that will let the users know that you aren’t some fake company looking to cheat customers online.

Of course, the Whatsapp Business is free to use. Business Profile helps customers to get additional information such as your Website, Store Address, Email, other description of your Business. To setup Whatsapp Business account just follow these simple steps given below.

  1. Download Whatsapp Business app for Android || iOS (Coming Soon)
  2. Install & Open the app.
  3. Use your Mobile Number to Login/Sign up for a Whatsapp account.
  4. To create “Whatsapp Business Profile“, tap on Menu.
  5. Otherwise, go to Settings, then tap on Business Settings.
  6. Then, choose Profile option under Business Settings.
  7. Complete your Business Profile in order to Start using this feature.

Whatsapp Business Features

The Whatsapp Business offers some useful features for your Business, Company or an Organization.

Quick Replies

You can set specific responses using the Quick Replies option. Respond quickly to frequently asked questions using Quick Reply. Here how to setup Whatsapp Quick Reply feature. Under Whatsapp Away Message Settings you can set schedule for the message. In addition, it comes with three options – Always Send, Outside of Business Hours, Custom Schedule.

  1. Go to “Whatsapp Business” Settings.
  2. Then, tap on Business Settings.
  3. Now, tap on Away Message and Activate Away Message.
  4. Edit the Quick Message if you want.

Customer Support

Whatsapp is a great tool for customer service. Customers can send you a message rather than raising a ticket or calling a helpdesk.

Greeting Messages

Send Greeting messages that introduce customers to your Business, Company or an Organization.

Whatsapp Business – Whatsapp Web

Quickly Manage, Send and Receive messages with Whatsapp Web on your Desktop.

Label and Track your Clients

You can label your clients as “Regulars, Promo clients, Pending orders” and more. ‘WhatsApp Business’ offers messaging statistics, that provides business owners with Stats about the number of messages that were sent, delivered and read. You can see the Stats on your Meaasges Read.

  1. Click on Menu on the Client’s chat
  2. Then Choose a Label for your Client
  3. Save to Add Label.

Whatsapp is a powerful marketing tool for Businesses. You can use Whatsapp for Business needs apart from using it as a Personal Messenger. It is free of cost and can reach the maximum number of customers easily. Whatsapp Business is a very useful tool for Business officials to with many useful features like “Label and Tracking, Greet Messages, Quick Replies (Away Message), Customer Support”. Finally, at the end of this article, you’ll learn how to use Whatsapp Business, Tips to use WhatsApp Business. Check out our Tips & Tricks, WhatsApp Page for similar Articles.

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