How to Create a Youtube Channel, Start a Youtube Channel

How to Create a YouTube Channel

Learn How to Create Youtube Channel: Google-owned video network service YouTube is a great platform to showcase your Creativity, Talent, Ideas to billions of users on YouTube. People upload over 300 hours of videos on Youtube every single minute. Youtube get over 5 billion views every day and it is the second largest search engine. It’s easy to start a Youtube channel.

To create a YouTube channel, you’ll need to set up a channel using your Google account. This article covers everything you need to know about creating a YouTube channel.

How to start a YouTube Channel

YouTube works through a Google account. In order to start a YouTube channel, you need to have a Google account. In case if you don’t have a Google account Learn How to create a Google account.

Creating a YouTube channel using your Google account

Google accounts don’t create a YouTube channel automatically. Getting a new YouTube channel is easy, simple and quick.

1. To start a YouTube channel go to

2. Sign in with your Google account on YouTube.

Signin to Youtube

3. After successful login to your YouTube account, click on your Profile.

4. Then click on the small gear icon (settings icon) under your Profile.

5. Under settings click on “Create a Channel“.

6. You’ll have the option to create a Personal Channel or create a Business Channel on YouTube.

7. Then choose a good name catchy for your YouTube channel.

8. By default, your Google username will become your username on YouTube.

9. Select a category of your YouTube channel from the options available and click on Create Channel.

10. That’s It! you’ve just created a new YouTube channel.

Customize your YouTube channel

Make your YouTube channel look Professional and eye-catching by customizing the channel. Follow these checklists to make your YouTube channel look like Professional and attract new subscribers.

Youtube Creator Studio, Youtube My Channel

  • Channel Icon
  • Channel Art
  • Add Channel Description
  • Add a Channel Trailer
  • Featured Channels
  • Channel Branding (Watermark)
  • Add your Website, Social Links
  • Make a Categorized Playlist your YouTube videos

Add YouTube Channel Icon


1. Click on your YouTube profile.

Youtube Channel Icon

2. Then, click on your YouTube profile icon.

3. Click on “Change” and choose a unique channel icon.

How to Create YouTube Channel Art

Youtube Channel Art

YouTube channel art is just as the Facebook cover photo. Create an amazing, eye-catching YouTube Channel Art! for your YouTube channel. YouTube channel art can be an effective way for viewers to instantly associate your page with your brand while including other additional information like a website and social media profiles.

Mesmerize your YouTube channel subscribers with a YouTube channel art. Learn How to create YouTube channel art online for free. The Optimal image size recommended by YouTube for channel art is 2560X1440 pixels.

Checklist for creating YouTube channel art
  • Minimum width: 2045 X 1152 pixels
  • Maximum width: 2560 X 423 pixels
  • Recommended image size is 4MB or smaller

1. Create Youtube Channel Art online for free with Canva, Snappa, Bannersnack

Learn How to use Canva to create Professional Designs.

2. Go to your channel homepage

3. Click on the edit icon on YouTube Channel Art.

4. Upload Channel Art and adjust the crop

5. Click Save in order to apply the YouTube Channel Art.

How to add YouTube Channel Description

In order to describe viewers about your channel add a short description to your YouTube channel.

1. Go to your YouTube channel Creator Studio.

2. Then, go to your channel About Page.

3. Click on Add Description, to describe what viewers can expect to see on your channel for your channel and click Save.

Youtube Channel Description

How to add YouTube Channel Trailer

In order to describe viewers about your channel in a video add a trailer to your YouTube channel.

1. Make a Trailer Video for your channel.

2. Upload the trailer video on YouTube.

3. In case, you don’t know how to upload videos on Youtube then Learn How to Upload Videos on YouTube.

4. Go to your channel’s homepage and click on Creator Studio.

5. Then, under Home option, you’ll find “For returning subscribers“, “For new visitors“.

6. Then, click on “For new visitors” in order to add your channel trailer.

7. Click on Add Trailer and then select your trailer video from the uploaded videos and Save.

How to add Featured channels on YouTube

This is a great tool in case you have multiple channels on YouTube. You can also promote your friends channels or other businesses.

1. Click on My Channel under Creator Studio

Youtube Creator Studio, Youtube My Channel

2. Click on Add Channels to the Featured channels section.

3. Enter the username/URL of the channel and Click Done/Save.

How to add Channel Branding (Watermark)

Show your Brand logo or company image on all videos on your YouTube channel with YouTube Watermark feature.

1. Go to your channel’s Creator Studio.

2. Click on Channel settings and then click on Branding.

YouTube Branding

3. Click on Add Watermark, upload the watermark image.

Youtube Watermark

4. Preview your Youtube Watermark image and click Save to apply changes.

How to add Website, Social Links on YouTube

As mentioned before, YouTube can be an effective way for viewers to instantly associate your page with your brand while including other additional information like a website and social media profiles. Learn How to add Web Links, Social Links to your Youtube channel.

1. Click on My Channel on your YouTube homepage.

2. Go to About page on your YouTube channel

3. Then, under the description of your About Page, Click on Links

4. Enter your Email Address, Web Links (Website), Social Links and click Save.

YouTube Social Links, Youtube Website Links


How to Make a Playlist on YouTube

Show a Categorized Playlist to your YouTube subscribers to display your videos by Category. In order to create a Playlist on YouTube follow these simple steps.

1. Open a Video on YouTube.

2. Click on Add to option.

3. Then, create a New Playlist or Add to an Existing Playlist.

4. Select your Playlist, enter the name of the Playlist.

5. Then, select the Privacy Settings for the Playlist.

6. If you don’t want your Playlist visible to Public then make it as Private under Playlist Settings.

YouTube is a great place to showcase your Talent, Skills, Creativity. It is the second largest search engine with overall 5 billion views a day. Start your YouTube channel, showcase what you got and start building your community. Finally, at the end of this article, you’ll know How to Create YoutTube Channel (Start a YouTube Channel).

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